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Q + A with Courtney from Kitchen Ave.

What is it all about?

Kitchen Ave. is about building an online community about nutrition and health for people with chronic medical conditions. It is about teaching people how to cook easy meals that can help manage their conditions, in addition to being an online resource with news, product reviews, products for sale and recipes. Being a dietitian, I know the science behind how nutrition can manage chronic diseases. We are currently offering courses on irritable bowel syndrome and low GI diets. But there’s plenty more to come (we have big ideas!), so join our community and watch this space!

What is the low FODMAP diet?

Developed at Monash University in Melbourne, it is a diet that reduces the intake of poorly absorbed sugars, to control symptoms of IBS, in 70-75% of patients! Being a dietitian, I educate many people on the low FODMAP diet and know it can be restrictive, particularly when eating out. My main piece of advice is to be sure to complete the process and go through the FODMAP challenges, with an experienced dietitian.

Who might the low FODMAP diet help?

If you have irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease (crohns or ulcerative colitis) then the low FODMAP diet may help you.

What is your favourite low FODMAP recipe?

At the moment I am loving ‘zoodles’ aka zucchini noodles! Zucchinis are so much more fun when spiralized! You can use them as a spaghetti replacement for spaghetti bolognaise. If you don’t own one, you can get one here.

Top 5 low FODMAP snack ideas?

Post workout – banana smoothie on lactose-free milk
Desk snack – 30g cashews
Morning tea – 1 slice gluten free Burgen bread with tbsp tahini
Afternoon tea – 1/2 punnet fresh strawberries with 1 tbsp ricotta cheese and drizzle maple syrup
Sweet treat – 2 squares Lindt 85% dark chocolate

Get in touch!

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Email : hello@kitchenave.com.au
Website : www.kitchenave.com.au 

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