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Welcome to Dinner with Shann!

My name is Shann and I’m a 24-year-old food lover from Sydney. I have finally decided it’s time to start blogging, so that you can all share in my weekly culinary experiences.

From this website you can expect a variety of allergen-conscious recipes, that are flavoursome, affordable and easy. After suffering for many years with tummy troubles, I have finally discovered Dr Sue Shepherd’s low FODMAP diet. This website follows my journey discovering new dishes, new cuisines and new techniques, as I learn that allergen-conscious eating doesn’t need to mean a sacrifice on flavour!

But before you all go screaming for the hills because ‘oh no, not another gluten free blog’…I want to make sure you know that Dinner with Shann is a website for everyone. I cook the majority of my meals for myself and my very food TOLERANT boyfriend. I have endeavoured to create, find and modify recipes that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone…those with a food allergy and those without, those who prefer healthy eating and those who just like comfort food.

Please enjoy and visit me again sometime!

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician, chef or doctor. Please refer to Monash University for a comprehensive guide to low FODMAP eating, and speak to your doctor before making any changes to your diet. Please note, some of the recipes include ingredients that may not be suitable for some people on the low FODMAP diet. Please adjust the recipes according to your dietary needs.

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